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All about Coaching.

Whether you're familiar with the concept of coaching or brand new to it, this section will provide you with an overview of how we approach it at Two Cents Coaching. In short, we follow the methods and ethics established by the International Coaching Federation.

Career Coaching Conversation

What is coaching?

What isn't coaching?

What is the role of a coach?

What is the role of the coachee (you)? 

What will you get out of coaching?

Simply put, coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach that is action-oriented and measurable. It is client-focused and client-directed. In other words, you drive and you see the results, but you’re not alone in doing so.

Coaching isn't mentorship, advisory, consulting or therapy. In coaching, we believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and thus, have the ability to generate the answers from within. Coaching is a service to help guide and support the client toward reaching their own goals. If you're interested in research consulting, we offer those services here

To play a supporting role in your world. A coach leads you through a process of discovering… where you are now, where do you want to be, and what roadblocks are in the way. You set your goals and you drive action. The coach holds you accountable (in whichever form you prefer) for making progress.

To bring your authentic self! This includes your challenges, future visions, wants, goals and roadblocks to our sessions. Our sessions are a no judgement zone and are confidential. Your progress and pace toward your goals over time is 100% in your control. 

Validation that you are in control and capable of impacting incredible change in your career and life. You’ll see goal accomplishment, progress, increased focus, and a more purpose-driven outlook in your world. 

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