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steph kumar two cents coaching

Become the CEO of your career journey.

You can take charge of your own path, no permission needed from managers or peers.


About Us

Welcome to Two Cents Coaching where you'll get an ally in your corner as you traverse your career journey. When we meet, I draw upon over 10 years of leadership experience growing global organizations and coaching individuals at all levels, including Directors. Over the years, I've facilitated promotions, guided role transitions, supported significant career pivots, and have helped people break into new industries. My passion lies in empowering individuals to achieve their dreams, unlock their true potential, truly enjoy their careers, and soar to heights they may not have thought attainable.

Hi, I'm
Steph Kumar.

How I Can Support You

Navigating a Maze, Decisions, two cents coaching

On Demand

These ad hoc sessions are ideal for professionals seeking quick, targeted support.

Running Quickly, Sprinting, two cents coaching

Career Accelerator

This intensive 6-week coaching package is best for professionals seeking rapid results.

executive coaching, meeting, two cents coaching

Executive Unlock

This coaching package is highly customized for the seasoned leader expanding their influence.

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